Thursday, January 24, 2013

Down for maintenance, WEREGOAT/DIOCLETIAN

As everyone probably knows by now on Monday January 27th the postage rates for international mail will once again increase. The site will be down until mid next week while I adjust all the shipping prices. Domestic shipping should be the same.
My apologies to those still waiting on the WEREGOAT/DIOCLETIAN split lp, this has been a pain in the ass as the plant has been very slow and uncommunicative about this. I am still waiting for these to show up.
If you preordered it with other items and dont want to wait any longer please get ahold of me and we can work it out.
I am still expecting these very soon.
RITUAL NECROMANCY has been sent to the plant, awaiting test presses.
new MACHETAZO, THE HOWLING WIND 'Of Babalon' and EPHEMEROS debut lp, PORTAL cassettes, ALDEBARAN 'Embracing...' 2xlp, WEREGOAT 'Slave bitch' mlp up next.

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